[Feature Request] Historical Delivery and Quote of Stocks

Aah…ok… my patch as is did not go through :frowning: I had updated with good naming variables and maintained consistency with overall style too :-/

           payload2 = "https://www.nseindia.com"
            output2 = requests.get(payload2,headers=headers).json()
            output2 = s.get(payload2,headers=headers).json()

This is still a problem. main webpage returns html and does not return json, so this change will still cause the error and is not an acceptable fix.

I hope you can take the generated patch and use the patch command to apply on top of the existing trunk, no? or may be just yet, use git apply the patch stub? (it comes with nice variables and syntax style consistency as a bonus)


payload2 = "https://www.nseindia.com"
output2 = s.get(payload2,headers=headers).json()
output = s.get(payload,headers=headers).json()

This is what I did. Not working? Tell me what changes exactly that is working

Before I can patch the patch, I need to know what is the patch which is to be patched. Right.

git apply patch will take care of the patches to the files mentioned in the patch file…

nevermind, I understand you need a pull request, supposedly that will be simple.

I will put things together including the method for this feature request ticket as well, and raise a github PR that will be much easier I suppose for you to review/check/test and merge (but for that I am supposed to restore my long forgotten github account :smiley:

will get back later in the evening on this…

Just edit this and write here. I will do it in a heartbeat

@dexter , you are right about the definition about volume, it is total number of shares traded, however what i want is live total number of trades executed. ( lets say i buy 15 lakh shares in 3 transactions - 5L, 5L, 5L) so the total volume would be 15 lakh and total number of trades would be 3(example).

Exchanges never provide the entire order data.


@dexter above url can only fetch data of 70 days at max, is there any way to fetch data for extended period?

for loop it and stitch the output

Here is how i did with kite historical data https://unofficed.com/courses/coding-time-compression-scanners/lessons/scanning-inside-bar-candles-using-python-and-zerodha/