Daily vs lower time frame candle low difference

I’ve a query if any1 can help plz: on daily candle frame RBL’S low on 28th of may is 112.46 but in lower time frames like 15 min there’s no candle showing this low?

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Its not showing 112.46
refer here

Can you share the chart you are seeing that

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First Lets talk about how the charting works.

The tick data comes in intraday. And, it’s rampant. The charting software doesn’t account for all the tick data. It usually takes tick data if it comes for more than one times i.e. at least 2 trade execution will be there.

It varies code to code.

Platform to Platform.

That’s why when there is erratic trade, You can actually confirm the price from NSE’s BHAVCOPY but it will not be in the chart !!


After the day ends, the charting platform fetches the data from historical data. It is no more live append. So the data gets restructured again.

The chart will again get replotted.

Price is god. The chart is a product of price. Price is not the product of the chart.

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Bro it was there…idk may be they have re-sync the data or something…i clearly remeber this case even amit checked it on that day itself and asked me to post query here…well he has replied and i guess that is the most probable answer.

Thanks amit…this is probably the reason…i checked in bhavcopy and it showed the same… I was looking for inside out trade and it was there in the list so I checked and found out. But to my surprise the charts have re synced or something and it’s not there anymore.

Bhavcopy shows the correct data.

Chart is a plotting software that makes thing look good to eye haha. Anything can happen in chart.

Tview charts take 2-3 tickdata minimum to plot. Flukes won’t be caught.

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Everyday something new to learn…:pray::slightly_smiling_face: