BankNIFTY Weekly Options Passive Trading


My name is Ankit Jain from Newton Batch and I’m trading BN weeklies for past few weeks. My aim is to generate 1%-2% weekly income from options trading with minimal intervention.

I will be updating my weekly positions here!

You can see my all positions and trades done till date as well as the method from -

Please share your opinion or suggestion if you have any on my trades (Like if you think my view is wrong or have better idea, so … ) as well as feel free to ask me any questions.


nice start bro keep it up man

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Hey, Ankit. Any changes?

Had a loss in 25500PE position and not comfortable keeping it open. so closing both 25500PE & 27500CE and initiating new positons 25000PE@25.80 & 26700CE 20.10
updating sheet as well

rolling 25000pe to 25900pe

26000 if broken 25900 will break too. So you can roll to 26000 directly :slight_smile:

true…I missed, should have thought of it…

Sorry…I couldn’t update earlier but my SL got hit on 26700CE @60
If you are following my sheet, you could have seen that hopefully…overall a bad week :frowning_face:
First loss on weeklies…

No. Rebalance it. 26000 PE 27000 CE looks fine. And when your SL is getting hit, why don’t you buy 26800 CE and leave it.

Or Buy 26700 CE, Sell two lots 26800 CE on SL hit of 26700 CE. Check option graph once.

Amit…I’m not always in front of system :frowning: so when I leave system I just put an SL and leave…I was away from my system when SL was hit :sob:
Anyways taking this week’s position 26000-27600

SL is always headache for option sellers and vix.

It will be better if you construct iron condor or something protected instead of SL. Because if things go up too fast, your SL will execute in market order and won’t fill if there is circuit freeze causing huge loss.

Happened in May 31, 2018 expiry.

26500 to 27000 in 5 mins


Noted…Will buy insurance for the BEP which is under stress next time onwards (if its beyond comfort level).
Menawhile…rolling up 26000PE to 26300PE…sheet updated

It happens “always” in the last expiry. (Telling from two years of experience.)

Otherwise if there is fundamental event you will know it ahead.

Last expiry means? Monthly expiry?

Rolling down 27600CE to 27400CE

Yes. Monthly wala. Mostly the black swan movement comes towards upside where no one is expecting.

27400CE is in huge loss…we can risk max 1.5k per week, so I will exit 27400CE @102 as my overall weekly loss will become -1.5k at that level…
Next week onwards, I won’t be rolling positions up and down for sometime

Closing 26400PE@0 and 27400CE@16.10

Next week’s position: 26400PE-28000CE

You are keeping 28000 CE open ? What you will do with 26400 PE if things fall.

Rolling 28000CE to 27600CE (could be rolled to 27500 as well but I keep 1 strike extra)
As for 26400CE…planning to close it…it is in loss of 8 points as of now, will decide at 3:00PM what to do it with. Might book loss on it and roll down or buy PE…